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Dog License

Dog licenses and Rabies vaccinations are required for ALL dogs 3 months of age and older. 

Our boarding facility is inspected unexpectedly twice a year. During Kennel inspections, licenses will be checked, and owners are subject to a $300 fine if the dog is not licensed. Licenses can be brought in person or emailed to us to keep on your pet's records.

Non-Philadelphia Residents (PA):


  • You can get a lifetime license if the dog is microchipped

  • Complete the permanent ID verification form and Lifetime license application, and then mail to the county of residence


  • Licenses are annually from January to December and can be handled with the online portal through the county of residence

Philadelphia Residents:


  • No Lifetime license is available


  • You can get a License from ACCT or most vet offices located in the city

  • Licenses are for one year from the date of purchase

  • You can order a license online, in the mail, or in person


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