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Pharmacy Policy Q&A

As of January 1, 2024, Hopewell Veterinary Hospital will no longer be working directly with unaffiliated online pharmacies (Chewy, 1-800-petmeds, etc) to approve prescriptions.  If you would like to purchase through one of these companies, please let us know and we will prepare a written prescription for you to pick up.

Why are we making this decision now?


In reviewing our hospital policies and procedures, we determined that our staff is spending many hours per week responding to the faxes, emails, phone calls and questions from these non-affiliated online pharmacy companies.  Our time is limited, and we that our time is better spent caring for your pets.


Is Hopewell Veterinary Hospital locally owned?


Yes! Hopewell Veterinary Hospital has been privately owned by Dr Timothy Rutkowski since 2003.   Before that, Hopewell was owned by Dr Stroh and before that Dr Van Sant.  Hopewell has been privately owned and has served the community for well over 60 years!


Many other local veterinary hospitals have been purchased by corporate groups or private equity backed groups.  These hospitals keep the same name, logo, and brand after the sale, but the profits largely leave the local community.


As a privately-owned practice, we can follow our core values without the overarching presence of outside investors that control many veterinary hospitals in the area.  We believe that maintaining private ownership provides the best platform for outstanding veterinary care for your pets.  Please support our vision of high quality, small business-based veterinary medicine.


What is the issue with large online pharmacies?


Online pharmacies have historically made it very difficult for veterinary professionals to work with them and they often shift blame to hospitals if clients are dissatisfied about a purchase or approval of a prescription.  They don’t hide their aspirations to take over many aspects of veterinary care from the local veterinarian. We strongly believe this will be detrimental to the care of your pets (our patients) moving forward.


How does Hopewell’s My Vet Store Online Work?


You shop for products (medications, food, pet supplies) through our online store and check out.  Our veterinarians review and approve any prescription items.  The order is shipped directly to your home from our distributor.  If needed, our in-office staff can help with the ordering process and work to resolve any issues.  To connect to Hopewell's My Vet Store Online, CLICK HERE


What about cost?


We know that costs are an important factor in choosing where to get your pet’s medications.  We’re pleased to offer prices at Hopewell’s My Vet Store Online that are competitive with the big-name online stores!


What do we do if we want to get our pet’s medication from an unaffiliated online pharmacy (Chewy, 1-800-petmeds, Allivet, etc)?


We will provide a written prescription for you to submit to your pharmacy of choice.  Prescriptions can be requested at appointments or by phone/email and can be picked up when they are prepared by our staff.


What about human pharmacies and compounding?


Compounding pharmacies (Adams Pharmacy, Wedgewood Pharmacy, etc) and in-person locations of chain pharmacies (CVS, Walgreens, etc) are not included in this new policy and will be handled as before.


Can such a simple purchase really make a difference?


Yes! Please know that your choice to purchase your medication and supplies either at Hopewell Veterinary Hospital or on our online store helps us continue as a privately owned practice in an industry that is being taken over by large corporations. We ask you to consider keeping your money in the community by supporting our small business!


Thank you for all your support over the years and into the future!!

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